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Cultural Heritage, Traditional Knowledge, and Western Intellectual Property

A talk by Barron Oda, Co-Chair, Science & Technology Law’s Museums and the Arts Law Committee, American Bar Association

How are Indigenous peoples protecting their heritage and traditional knowledge from misappropriation and exploitation? Working within Western intellectual property regimes, Indigenous peoples find themselves dealing with the same systems that often fail to recognize their collective interests in their cultural property. Barron has presented for the American Alliance of Museums and the American Bar Association in the areas of intellectual property, art law, and museum administration, and has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Extension School. He has published articles in the areas of governance, museum collections management, and international health law. His forthcoming article for the ABA January 2018 issue, “Mobile Devices, Public Spaces, and Freedom of Panorama,” explores the intersection of intellectual property, evolving online social norms, and technology.

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