View of the Monarchy GalleryThe Monarchy Gallery

The Monarchy Gallery documents the transition of the legal system from the traditional Hawaiian kapu to the 19th century western-styled court system. The first jury chair, models of the first courthouse and downtown Honolulu in the 1850’s help you imagine what life was like in the Kingdom of Hawaii.

View of the 1913 CourtroomThe Restored 1913 Courtroom

Equipped with authentic furnishings, the Restored 1913 Courtroom was the site of the famous Massie Trial in 1930’s Territorial Hawaii. Today, this stately courtroom is the venue for lectures, dramatizations, mock trials, and other public programs. Feel free to take pictures in the judge’s seat!

View of Martial Law GalleryHawai’i Under Martial Law

Discover how within hours of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 daily life in Hawaii drastically changed. Learn about the military government, the general orders and the provost courts. Walking through the exhibit you can get a feeling for what life was like during Hawaii’s war years and a better understanding of the extraordinary events that shaped our island history.