Law of the Land

Law of the Land illustrates the changes from traditional, shared-land use rights to the Western concept of private property ownership. Land divisions, life in the ahupa’a, the Great Mahele, and current land laws are subjects touched upon in this provocative presentation.

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Kanawai shows the changing attitudes towards water and water usage in the 19th century. This presentation examines the landmark surface water case of Peck v. Baily and familiarizes viewers with the transition from traditional water rights to a western system of water rights.

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Oni v. Meek

Oni v. Meek brings to life characters from an 1850’s case that illustrates a transitional period of land tenure in Hawaii. The presentation orients students and prepares them for the hands-on trial they reenact in our 1913 Courtroom.

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When Fear Reigned

When Fear Reigned delves into the declaration of martial law and the suspension of civil liberties in Hawaii during World War II. This presentation examines the writ of habeas corpus and the detainment without trial of well over 1000 residents of the territory of Hawaii.

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