Group Tours

The Center exhibits are thought-provoking for people of all ages. Our group tours are designed to be age appropriate and particularly helpful in meeting Hawaiʻi Department of Education benchmark standards for students in grades 2-12. The tours cover such topics as the Kapu System, Foundations of Democracy, Land and Power in Hawaiʻi, the Overthrow of the Kingdom, and Martial Law, just to name a few. Most of our tours allow for student participation in mock trials. 

How much time is needed?

The length of time needed for our tours depends on the grade level and curriculum, but generally speaking tours for students in grades 2-3 are forty-five minutes in length and tours for grades 4-12 are approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Tours for college level students and other adult organizations can be customized to any length desired.

Cover all three branches of government.

If you combine a tour of the Center with a visit to the State Capitol, students will be able to visit all three branches of the state government in one morning or afternoon. Students can receive a wealth of information to draw on in class. Both tours are free and we work with the staff at the Capitol to make sure the day runs smoothly.

Combine with other tours in the Capitol District.

ʻIolani Palace, the Hawaiʻi State Library, the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum, and Mission Houses Museum are all within a short walking distance of our building.

 All tours are FREE!

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